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Simplicity Circle Topic Ideas

What does VS mean to you?    What brought you to this group?  Where are you on your VS journey?  What do you hope to gain from participating?

What barriers do you experience that hinder you from living a simpler, more satisfying life?  How can the group support you?

How do you nurture yourself? What do you do in life that soul satisfying? What brings you true fulfillment?  What makes you feel truly alive? What do you find truly enjoyable?

What is your idea of "living the good life"? What influences the way you define the good life? How is your idea of the good life different from the way you are living now?

How would you describe your life? ...happy, satisfying, high quality, meaningful?

How does the work you do reflect who you are? What aspects of your self do you express through your work? How do you feel about your hours of work? What effect does it have on your feeling really alive?

"Silence allows us to listen to our inner voice. Silence allows us to contact/connect with something greater than ourselves". --Cecile Andrews.  Describe the role of silence in your life. Would you like more silence in your life?

What are some things you bought that you regretted buying? Why did you buy them? What are some things you could have been just as happy without?  What are some things you have been very happy you purchased?  Why?

What is your experience of time? - Are you enjoying it, anxious about it, living in the present moment, constantly living in the future, regretting and fretting about the past, always in a hurry?